Custom iPad Mini Kneeboard Review


Like many fellow Pilots and aviators I grew very fond of my old tri-fold kneeboard which I discovered from my flight instructor and used it throughout my PPL (private pilot training). However, I liked the idea of carrying an iPad with me during my flight to use as an EFB (Electronic Flight Bag). I did not use the iPad during my training because I wanted to learn the old-fashioned method of flight planning and navigation without using the iPad as a crutch, but all through my training I had the iPad in the back of my mind and thought it could provide a great backup and simplify flight planning as well.

So like any engineer I created a list of requirements for my new EFB kneeboard. A few of the requirements were; must have a clipboard to attach a notebook, sturdy build quality, will accept an iPad Mini and offer some minimal protection, and also be mountable to the Yolk, Windscreen etc.