Childhood Dream Accomplished!

Just after getting my Private Pilot Certificate

Just after getting my Private Pilot Certificate

My flying adventures reached a peak that will not be reached again for a very long time. Its finally done, I received my Private Pilot Certificate today from Mr. Clyde Shelton an FAA DPE (Designated Pilot Examiner). I have been working pretty hard on it since I took my first flight with a great CFI Craig Cruzen on June 8th 2013 at the Redstone Flying Activity.

It took longer than I thought, it was harder than I thought, but I had a ton of fun flying all the flights especially my cross country flights and most of the hundreds of trips around the pattern at Redstone AAF (Army Airfield). I became very familiar with a Cessna 152, N89358, it treated me well and never failed me, except the time the battery was dead on the ground when I arrived and caused me to cancel the lesson for the day.

It took a grand total of 73.4 hours of total flight time, 24.2 hours of Solo time, 45.5 hours of Dual time (with instructor), 205 day landings and 11 night landings (with 4.1 hours of dual instructions night flight).

I will be posting some of my more memorable flights that I had over the course of getting my PPL so stay tuned, I have lots of pictures and a log of most of my flights.