I’m a Pilot as of Dec 3rd 2014!

I created this blog to keep a log of my training flights and share them with family and friends. It was a much busier time than I had initially thought and I wasn’t able to make as many posts as I wanted. I did keep a notebook and logged most of my flights in it, I will share those memorable flights and pictures that I took as well whenever I get a spare minute or two.

I was bitten early as a child by the flying bug, for as long as I can remember I gaze towards the sky when I hear the humming of an airplane engine.  I live in Huntsville AL. aka, the Rocket City, and am an Aerospace Engineer for a local Aerospace company.

I completed all of my flight training at the Redstone Flying Activity in a Cessna 152. This is a flying club sponsored by the US Army MWR at Redstone Arsenal which is a US Army Military installation.

Redstone Arsenal Flying Activity has northern Alabama’s premier Flying Club where those individuals lucky enough to be in the authorized patron category can learn to fly or take their already hard earned rating to a higher level.

I am currently pursuing an instrument rating in a Cessna 172 at the Redstone Flying Club, I will make every effort to make posts to my blog from this training as time allows.

Thanks for visiting my site, please recommend to any flying friend, fellow aviation geek or anyone else who might enjoy it!

This site is intended for my personal uses as purely a hobby of mine, I have no intent of linking it to my professional career in any way. The views and content are my personal views and I make no representations for any company I am employed by.


One thought on “About

  1. Hi, Brett!

    Maybe you remember me? I’m that really ugly guy you worked with at Aerojet’s “Rocket Shop” on Blue Ravine Road in Folsom.
    Congratulations on earning your Private Pilot License! And thanks for taking the time to do a Flying blog of your adventures!
    Since you were here last time, there have been a lot of changes around here. The machine shops have been closed, and all the machinery has been sold. Aerojet bought its largest competitor, Rocketdyne, and now the company name is Aerojet Rocketdyne. No more GenCorp.

    Most recently, the company has decided to close down the Sacramento plant, including the Rocket Shop in Folsom. Most people will simply get laid off. I’m one of the few “lucky” ones; my boss has asked me to join him, relocating to Aerojet Rocketdyne’s facility in HSV.

    Aerojet Rocketdyne is sending most of the remaining engineering jobs to HSV, but a few are being asked to relocate to Redmond, WA, or Canoga Park (Los Angeles). Next week, I will be traveling to HSV on a “scouting” trip, to visit the AR facilty there, meet with local HSV realtors, and generally just check out the area. I will be getting into HSV late on May 10th, and flying back to Sacramento on the 14th.

    It would be great to meet up with you again over a cup of coffee or a beer. It would be really cool if I could take you and your wife out to dinner. Best of all would be if I could rent one of the 172’s or 152’s at Redstone Flying Club, and you fly us around the patch as PIC!

    Let me know what you think!

    John Vybiral
    Aerojet Rocketdyne
    Office: 916-355-2750
    Cell: 916-847-5786


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