National Aviation Day!


I wanted to make a quick post a great way to celebrate National Aviation Day.  I believe the best way to celebrate this historic day which is shared with the birthday of Orville Wright is to take a flight with a pilot friend or as a pilot to take a friend along and share the secret aviation.  Aviation should not be kept as a secret, but should be shared and celebrated.  We have the most freedom as a country to fly even though it is highly regulated we do have the most access to aviation from a global perspective.  Often times private or general aviation is viewed as an activity for the wealthy.  There are costs associated with flying and they are significant but compared the costs of other hobbies it may not be that expensive after all.  Just take a look at a great analysis of how to fly for cheap by a professional pilot I have been following for a few years, Brent Owens.  Or there is another great resource, the Frugal Flyer series of articles from AOPA the Aviation Owners and Pilots Association.

Happy National Aviation Day!


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